High intensity LED Lights save energy. Smaller diameter(only 58mm) is easier to install and use. Constant current device stabilizes illumination. Fixure angle is adjustable.
  • CE, FCC certified, REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Color temperature:6000K-Cool White for diffused type(standard) , 6500K, 3000K(optional)
  • Life:40,000 hours(@L70 , 40˚C/104˚F) 
  • Work environment:-10℃~40℃(14˚F~104˚F)
  • Cable length:DC→3M(9.84ft)(VCTF0.5mm2 2C) / AC→3M(9.84ft)(VCTF0.75mm2 2C)
  • Ingress protection rating:IP67
  • Optional:Magnetic bracket


Type drawing Power source Wattage Lumens Lux/m

DC24V 10W 850 lm 220 Lux
AC100~240V 12W
NLM 26S DC24V 20W 1700 lm 420 Lux
AC100~240V 22W 1700 lm 400 Lux
NLM 30S DC24V 38W 3200 lm 651 Lux
NLM 40S DC24V 51W 4250 lm 830 Lux
※We changed the notation of the lumes from the theoretical value to the actual from 2013/6/1.
※Please contact us for information about other color temperatures available.

‧Cable cover


Type/Length(mm) A B
NLM13-DC 380 370
NLM26-DC 580 570
NLM13-AC 430 420
NLM26-AC 630 620
NLM30SG 700 690
NLM40SG 900 890