NLU product series employing middle-power LEDs realize saving energy, high brightness and long lifetime.
A built-in constant current source in voltage range from 100V to 240V offers high stability illumination without flickering of the LED light. In addition, NLU using a light wave guide plate offers the natural uniform light from surface window without glare nor multi-shadows generation.
You can be easy to understand the objects you want to check.
NLU lights with no ultraviolet rays prevent the material surface from fading color, and it is kind illumination to the human eye.
防水型LEDスポットライト NLS15


  • Color temperature:6000K
  • Size:215W×60D×10H(NLU05-AC) / 390W×60D×10H(NLU10-AC)
  • Mounting Method:Neodymium Magnets
  • Cable length:2M(with adaptor)
  • Ingress protection rating:IP20


Lightings for equipment facilities, light works and inspection


Type drawing Weight Power source Wattage Lumens Lux/0.5m Lux/1.0m
NLU05-AC 500g AC100~240V 7W 340 lm 620 Lux 150 Lux
NLU10-AC 650g 14W 720 lm 1400 Lux 380 Lux
NLU05-DC 500g DC24V 7W 340 lm 620 Lux 150 Lux
NLU10-DC 650g 14W 720 lm 1400 Lux 380 Lux