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Waterproof LED Pipe Work lights(IP65/Rainproof)NLPW20 Series

NLPW Series

  • Color Temperature, CCT:5,700K
  • Lifetime:40,000 hrs. at 40℃ , L70
  • Operation Temp.:-10℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )
  • Protection Ratings:IP65 (Rainproof)
  • Protection Ratings:IP65 (Rainproof)
  • Tube Material:Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Power Cable:5 m ( VCTF0.5mm2x2C Rainproof grounding plug )
  • Lightning protection:line to line 6kV
  • Conformity Standard :
  • PSE丸

LED pipe work lights which can be used in connected with each other solves the problem of power connection effectively. The surface matte tube shows bright light in evenly without glare of LEDs light. NLPW of the line-to-line 6kV in lightning protection is three times higher than the international standard and has high insulation. NLPW is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. The body made of PC material is light in weight and has high impact resistance. It can be attached anywhere freely by using hooks.

<Applications>Indoor or outdoor construction site, Strong light source demand site

Three Times or Greater International Standard

high lightning surge.

This product has surge protection devices(SPDs) inside, which quickly bypasses the induced lightning surge. International Standard (IEC61000-4-5) requires 2kV for differential mode and 4kV for common mode, respectively. This product withstands 15kV of high lightning surge.



Model Luminous Flux lluminance(1m) Input Voltage Wattage Max. of cascades Fixed Manner
 NLPW10 1,290 lm 240 lx 100V-120V AC
9W 15 Hook fixing
 NLPW20 2,450 lm 450 lx 20W 10

Dimension / Applications

Model/Dim.(mm) A B
 NLPW10 1,110  870
 NLPW20 1,542 1,300
Example of installation

on site・Outdoor use LED Lights



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