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LED lighting, adjustable coolant nozzle Manufacture and sale of design and related products

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LED light of for facilities machines and various special uses
LED lighting suitable for applications such as waterproof type / non-waterproof type of equipment equipment, work lighting, inspection lighting etc. is available.
We are focusing on development so that we can respond to customer's request immediately and strengthen special illumination that is difficult to deal with in large companies.

We are actively developing products in new fields.
Coolant nozzle
It is most suitable as a nozzle for the cutting of the metalwork machine.
When I sharpen it with a metalwork machine and study hard, big fever is caused by frictional resistance.
In order to smoothly perform the cutting and polishing work, it is necessary to suppress the heat generation at all times in order to increase the tool life and increase the surface roughness of the non-cut surface.

With cutting fluid of the quantity necessary for the necessary point, I have various nozzles to maximum discharge pressure 10MPa.
Magnet related products
It is available for carrying around of maintenance and the metal work of the measuring instrument.

It can be fixed firmly to iron plate with strong magnetic force, and magnetic force can be turned on / off to it, so it is easy to install and remove.
Various kinds are available, such as holding gauge such as dial gauge, electric discharge machine, etc. Products with nozzles used for removing chips and cooling used in machine tools are available.

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We sell to all over the world,
mainly in Japan, America,
Europe and Asia.



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