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Alarm Lights(IP53)(NLA50 Series)

NLA50 Series

  • Lifetime:60,000 hrs. at 25℃ , L70
  • Operation Temp.: -10℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )
  • Protection Ratings:IP53
  • Body Material:Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Wire:Plastic Mount 800 mm ( UL1007 x AWG22 )
       L Mount 750 mm ( UL1007 x AWG22 )
       Steel Mount 850 mm ( UL1007 x AWG22 )
  • Conformity Standard :
  • PSE丸
  • CE
  • FC
  • RoHS

Multiple-layered LED alarm light using LED units in red, yellow, green, blue, and white 5 colors. It is superior in brightness, light weight, low price and low power.By using constant current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage, which increases LED lifetime. A unique protection circuit prevents LED lights from inrush current, surge, and instantaneous power failure. Our products have passed insulation tests.

<Applications> operational status indication of FA machine, vacant indicator in parking lot

Comparative Example

  •      Other company            NLA50              Installation example


Model Model Color Wattage
 NLA 50 24V AC/DC
100V - 240V AC
50/60 Hz
Red 1W
Yellow 1W
Green 0.4W
Blue 0.5W
White 0.4W


NLA50DC-□B1D L dimension
 NLA50DC- 1B1D 2B1D 3B1D 4B1D 5B1D
 L(mm) 276 306 336 366 396
NLA50DC-□B2D L dimension
 NLA50DC- 1B2D 2B2D 3B2D 4B2D 5B2D
 L(mm) 320 350 380 410 440
NLA50DC-□B3D L dimension
 NLA50DC- 1B3D 2B3D 3B3D 4B3D 5B3D
 L(mm) 223 253 283 313 343
NLA50DC-□B4D L dimension
 NLA50DC- 1B4D 2B4D 3B4D 4B4D 5B4D
 L(mm) 325 355 385 415 445

Wiring Diagram(DC)/ Wire Color Chart

Wire Color Chart
Function Wire Color
red light red
yellow light yellow
green light green
blue light blue
white light white
buzzer light orange
flash light brown
common light purple


  1. 1. Exclusive type grobe shape featuring an internal curved mirror, LED light can be converted into a surface light source to reduce glare problems increased viewing angle.
  2. 2. Compact designed can save space.
  3. 3. Foldable mounting allows to adjust the position of light emission by the angle adjustment of the mounting.
  4. 4. Another diffusion patterns, reticle in reflex surfaces, which allow light generated from refraction through the shape, so that the light-emitting layer having a uniform light emission.
  5. 5. Body made of polycarbonate has excellent heat and cold resistance, and high transparency.
  6. 6. The LED module can be varied freely, when the customer needs to replace the light colored layer
  7. 7. By using buzzer resonance with sound at 85 dB (1 meter away) can be used even in a factory with very loud noise.
  8. 8. Has conformity to CE , FCC , PSE standards. And has completed the vibration test and insulation resistance test.
  9. 9. Can be directly controlled by the PLC.

NLA50 Series Model Variation


Power Layers Mount D Flash Buzzer Color S
  • ・DC= 24V AC/DC
  • ・AC=100V-240V AC
  • ※Use single-phase power
  • ・1=1 layer
  • ・2=2 layers
  • ・3=3 layers
  • ・4=4 layers
  • ・5=5 layers
  • ・B1=Plastic mount (Foldable)
  • ・B2=L mount
  • ・B3=Steel mount (Foldable)
  • ・B4=Steel mount
  • ・None=no flash
  • ・S=flash
  • ・None= no buzzer
  • ・Z=buzzer
  • ・R=red
  • ・Y=yellow
  • ・G=green
  • ・B=blue
  • ・W=white
  • ・None=transparent
  • ・S=difussed



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