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Flat LED Lights(NLE SN2 Series)

NLE SN2 Series(Waterproof LED Lights)

  • Color Temperature, CCT:5,700K
  • Body Color:Black
  • Lifetime:40,000 hrs. at 40℃, L70
  • Operation Temp.:-10℃ to +40℃ ( unfrozen )
  • Protection Ratings:IP67
  • Power Cable:3m ( VCTF0.5mm2x2C )
  • Options:
    Cable Cover
    Angle Adjustment Bracket ( ND-P01 )
    Mounting Magnet ( ND-P04 )
    AC Power Adapter ( ND-PM243 )
  • Conformity Standard :
  • CE
  • FCC

Eliminates the glare and multi-shadows in the multiple LEDs lighting, enabling high-illumination natural light. The constant current IC circuit drive method and the newly developed protection circuit increase the LED lifetime and have high insulation. The body is made of aluminum, and the front glass is a tempered glass. The overall design is strong and hard to be broken.

<Applications> Lighting inside the machine tool, etc.

Comparison with conventional light source

  • (Left:Conventional product)
    When illuminating smooth metal objects, it produces streaks which effects on inspections.

  • ( Right:NLE-SN2 series)
    When illuminating smooth metal objects, the light is uniform and shows no strip, it is ideal for inspections.

  • (Left:Conventional product)
    For inspection, multi shadows to cause eye fatigue.

  • (Right:NLE-SN2 series)
    For inspection, no multi shadows, no eye fatigue.


Model Drawing Luminous Flux Illuminance(1m) Input Voltage Wattage
  NLE10SN2-DC 645 lm 595 lx DC24V 6W
  NLE13SN2-DC 1,000 lm 1,017 lx DC24V 9W
  NLE26SN2-DC 1,813 lm 1,666 lx DC24V 17W




AC Power Adapter
  • ・Model:ND-PM243
  • ・Conformity Standards:PSE、FCC
  • ・Input:100V- 240V DC
  • ・Output:24V DC/1A
  • ・Dim.:73L × 49W × 30 mm H
  • ・Cable: 1.8m
  • ・DC Plug : DC 2.5 mm
  • ※「Drawing
Cable Cover
Mounting Magnet
  • ・Model:ND-P04
  • ・A pair of two set
  • ・Dim.: 41L x 28W x 8H
  • ・pair of two set
  • ・M5x8L 4pcs
  • ※「Drawing
Angle Adjustment Bracket
  • ・Model:ND-P01
  • ・A pair of two set
  • ・Installation:2-φ5.5xP30
  • ・Screw:2-M5
  • ・angle:±45°
  • ※「Drawing

NLE-SN2 Series Model Variation


Model SN2 Config. Power Options
  • ・10
  • ・13
  • ・36
  • ・None=for standard type
  • ・F=for flange type
  • ・Cable cover:for standard only
  • ・Angle adjustment bracket:ND-P01
  • ・Mounting magnet:ND-P04
  • ・AC power adapter:ND-PM243



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