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LED High Bay Lights(IP67)(NLH series)

NLH series

  • Lifetime:40,000 hrs. at 50℃, L70
  • Operation Temp.:-10℃ to +50℃ ( unfrozen )
  • Humidity:10% - 90%
  • Protection Ratings:IP67 ( lamp housing only )
  • Cable:0.5m ( HL/FL model )
  • Conformity Standard :
  • PSE丸
  • PSE菱

The NLH series have brightness equivalent to that of mercury lamps ranged between 250 W and 400 W. Combined use of aluminum body with heat radiation fins and plastic material realizes high heat dissipation, high rigidity and light weight. It achieved both energy saving and safety. The power supply and the LED light are separated for the purpose of thermal dispersion, and because of its waterproof performance (IP 67) it is active in various environments. In addition, the NLH series lights turn on more quickly than mercury lamps.

<Applications> Factory, refrigerated warehouse, road, gymnasium, indoor parking lot, etc.
* Please install the included falling prevention wire when installing.

Three Times or Greater International Standard

high lightning surge.

This product has surge protection devices(SPDs) inside, which quickly bypasses the induced lightning surge. International Standard (IEC61000-4-5) requires 2kV for differential mode and 4kV for common mode, respectively. This product withstands 15kV of high lightning surge.


Measures against flicker

Why constant current power supply required?
The cause of flicker is ripple

To ensure reliability by operating the LED within the maximum rated current. In the absence of a constant current power supply, the LED is driven by a current circuit using a resistor,
If the voltage fluctuates, the current flowing inside LED fluctuate, continued use exceeding the rated current will degrade the LED and reduce the illuminance.
In addition, even if the surge enters the power supply, the surge protection devices inside the power supply prevents from the LED broken.

The power supply input which mainly uses AC passes through the rectifiering and the smoothing circuits, but the AC component remains.

This is called ripple and causes flickering of LED, which induces fatigue and stress, so the power supply with less ripple is desired.


Model Drawing Luminous Flux Color Temp. CRI Power Input Voltage Power Supply Weight
 NLH-60S-E39 5350 lm 5,700K Ra80 63W 100V -240V AC 50/60Hz External
 NLH-60S-HL 2.4kg
 NLH-60S-FL 2.8kg
 NLH-110C-E39 11000 lm Ra70 110W External
 NLH-110C-HL 2.4kg
 NLH-110C-FL 2.8kg
 NLH-150S-HL 13800 lm Ra80 163W Integrated 9kg
 NLH-200C-HL 17000 lm Ra70 197W

*The frosted glass models are averable. Put"-S" at the end of model when ordering.


NLH60S-E39 / NLH110C-E39
NLH150S-FL / NLH200-FL
NLH150S-HL / NLH200-HL


NLH110C / NLH110C-S / NLH60S
Model/Dist. NLH60S NLH110C
3m 211?lx 426?lx
4m 119?lx 240?lx
5m 76?lx 153?lx
6m 52?lx 107?lx
NLH150 / NLH200
Model/Dist. NLH150 NLH200
3m 521?lx 652?lx
4m 293?lx 367?lx
5m 188?lx 236?lx
6m 130?lx 163?lx
7m 96?lx 120?lx
8m 73?lx 92?lx

Consumption comparison

12 hrs. as 1 day , 25 days as 1 month

  Sodium Lamp NLH60S
Power Consumption 250 Wh X 48 pcs 63 Wh X 48 pcs
Lifetime 12,000 hrs. 40,000 hrs.
Power Usage(year) 43,200 kWh 10,866 kWh

12 hrs. as 1 day , 25 days as 1 month

  Sodium Lamp NLH110C
Power Consumption 500 Wh X 15 pcs 110 Wh X 15 pcs
Lifetime 12,000 hrs. 40,000 hrs.
Power Usage(year) 27,000 kWh 5,940 kWh

NLH Series Model Variation


Model Mount Glass
  • ・60S
  • ・110C
  • ・150S
  • ・200C
  • E39=E39 connector (only 60S/110C)
    HL=hanging mount
    FL=wall mount
None=transparent glass
S=frosted glass (diffusive)



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