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LED Light

Dustproof waterproof LED lighting

Flat LED Light(IP67)
Flat LED Light
With high-power LED, I realize energy saving, high brightness, longer life, maintenance free.
By a flat design, I can attach it at the small place.
It is most suitable as an LED light in the machine tools which courant liquid and 切粉 fly about in protection class IP67 (protection against dust, waterproofing).
Cylindrical LED Light(IP67)
Cylindrical LED Light
It is tubular lighting using a glass tube for the main body.
Strong design, protection grade IP 67 (dustproof / waterproof).
Coolant liquids and chips do not crack even in flight negotiation machine tools.
Because it generates less heat, it is recommended as a substitute for fluorescent light.
Slim LED Light(IP65)
Slim LED Light
The slim model LED light which I can install at the small place.
The exterior is polycarbonate, lightweight, excellent in impact resistance.
Protection grade IP65 (waterproof / dustproof), it can be used even in an environment with water.
Ideal for control panel lights and factory auxiliary lights.
Spotlight LED Light(IP67)
Spotlight LED Light
High power LED is used, energy saving, high brightness, long life, maintenance free.
The direction to take is free and installation in various places is possible.
A head part becomes protection against dust, the waterproofing design and is suitable for a light for light and work for machine tools.

visual inspection, light working,

Magnetic Stand LED Light
Magnetic Stand LED Light
It can be used by affixing it to a metal part such as an iron plate. It is a magnet type LED light.
By adopting strong metal feet, you can adjust without shaking in various shakes.
It is available by a wide use including the additional illumination of the machine tool and the on-site work illumination.
Clamp LED Light
Clamp LED Light
LED based on Clamp clamp is light.
It can be used in various places and applications as a desk light such as a workbench at the workplace or a desk at home or office.
Panel LED Light(IP50)
Panel LED Light
Lightweight surface-emitting LEDs using a light guide plate are lightweight.
It produces natural light with surface-emitting type lighting that is not giratty light peculiar to LEDs.
It is the best LED light for inspection illumination, such as inspection of scratches on processed goods and inspection of paint irregularities.
Stand Loupe
Stand Loupe
It uses a large white lens that is easy to see with both eyes, and the magnification is designed to be 1.75 times and 2.25 times. Since the LEDs are arranged in a ring, it illuminates the hand brightly and does not make a shadow. We suppress glare peculiar to LED, and there is little reflection and produces gentle light that eyes are hard to be tired. Less flickering, ideal for taking pictures of inspection products.
Waterproof Rechargeable(IP65)
Waterproof Rechargeable
Inside lithium-ion polymer battery are able to light continually for a long time, and the charging time was shortened to 2.5hrs. The polycarbonate body with high translucentcy while lightweight is impact resistance. The white cover suppressing glare from each LED emits natural light, and illuminates a wide area.
Waterproof Rechargeable(IP67)
charging LED
These series are waterproof LED lights with built-in battery. The body made of a glass tube can be used for acid / alkaline solvent, including cutting oil. Cordless by built-in battery and mounting method with magnets can be installed in arbitrary position in the machine. It is possible to illuminate a wide range with natural light suppressing the glare peculiar to LED. It is equipped with a protection circuit against overcharge / over-discharge and high temperature, and it is safe design realizing long battery life.

Environmental lighting

LED High Bay Lights(IP67)
LED High Bay Lights
The NLH series have brightness equivalent to that of mercury lamps ranged between 250W and 400W. Combined use of aluminum body with heat radiation fins and plastic material realizes high heat dissipation, high rigidity and light weight. It achieved both energy saving and safety. The power supply and the LED light are separated for the purpose of thermal dispersion, and because of its waterproof performance (IP 67) it is active in various environments. In addition, the NLH series lights turn on more quickly than mercury lamps.
LED Tube Lights
LED Tube Lights
Compared with the 40 W fluorescent tube, the illuminance is brighter more than 50%. With its unique design power supply, it keeps fluctuation of light output within 3%, and it does not feel flicker like fluorescent tube. It achieves a lifetime of 40,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 40 °C and improves maintainability. The body is made of polycarbonate and light in weight, it will not be broken even if it falls. Like fluorescent light, it is equipped with G13 Gap. Directly wired with bypassing ballast, it can make good use with the same fixture. The light distribution angle of 220° can irradiate a wide range.


LED Floodlights(IP65)
LED Floodlights
A lightning surge protection and flicker prevention circuit are embedded in this product. It is suitable for lighting of signs, illumination of parking lots, factories and warehouses. Safety design having a unique protection circuit with high insulation prevents from inrush current surge, and instantaneous power failure. The high reliable well-known LED are used. Since the lighting body is 1.9 kg lightweight, it is easy to carry.

Alarm Lights

Multiple-layered LED(IP53)
Multiple-layered LED alarm light using LED units in red, yellow, green, blue, and white 5 colors. It is superior in brightness, light weight, low price and low power.By using constant current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage, which increases LED lifetime. A unique protection circuit prevents LED lights from inrush current, surge, and instantaneous power failure. Our products have passed insulation tests.
Light pipe LED(IP53)
Light pipe LED
This emits light of three colors red, yellow and green using light pipe. Light emission by textured light pipe allows to emit light from the entire globe, and display confirmation is easy from all directions. A unique protection circuit prevents from inrush current, surge, and instantaneous power failure. This products has a safety in design which passed vibration test and insulation resistance test. Since the foldable mounting pedestal can be folded in a state attached to the machine, there is no need to remove it even if the change of the display position and the machine packing for shipping are required.

Indoor and outdoor working lights,

Waterproof LED Pipe Work lights(IP65)
aterproof LED Pipe Work lights
LED pipe work lights which can be used in connected with each other solves the problem of power connection effectively. The surface matte tube shows bright light in evenly without glare of LEDs light. NLPW of the line-to-line 6kV in lightning protection is three times higher than the international standard and has high insulation. NLPW is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. The body made of PC material is light in weight and has high impact resistance. It can be attached anywhere freely by using hooks.

Nozzle for cutting fluid

Coolant System

Coolant System

You can easily arrange angles, lengths and nozzle diameters. Widely suitable for many kinds of chemical agents. Material composition:DuPont DelrinR 100 acetal polyoxymethylene (POM) resin. Superior chemical, shock and heat resistance.



Our coolant nozzles are designed to accurately aim at the fixed point. In normal use, coolant flow volume is consistent at maximum nozzle angle. It is designed for CNC machine tools, CNC lathes and milling machines, grinding machines and other machine tools for cutting. It can improve the working efficiency,stability and extend tool life.

Magnetic Stands and Related Products

Magnetic Stands and Related Products

Multi-purpose magnetic stands are designed to hold measuring instruments like a dial gauges.



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