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LED Tube Lights(NLT8 Series)

NLT8 Series

  • Lifetime: 60,000 hrs. at 25℃ , L70
  • Operation Temp.: -10℃ to +40℃
  • CRI:Ra80
  • Light Distribution Angle:160° (50% Flux), 220° (10% Flux)
  • Body Material:Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Gap:G13
  • Length:1,198 mm
  • Diameter:26 mm

※Selling for LED Tube Only Not Include Lamp Housing


Compared with the 40 W fluorescent tube, the illuminance is brighter more than 50%. With its unique design power supply, it keeps fluctuation of light output within 3%, and it does not feel flicker like fluorescent tube. It achieves a lifetime of 40,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 40 °C and improves maintainability. The body is made of polycarbonate and light in weight, it will not be broken even if it falls. Like fluorescent light, it is equipped with G13 Gap. Directly wired with bypassing ballast, it can make good use with the same fixture. The light distribution angle of 220° can irradiate a wide range.

<Applications> visual inspection lighting, light working lighting, image inspection lighting, show window lighting, display lighting


Model Luminous Flux Illuminance(1m) Input Voltage Wattage CCT Weight
 NLT8-41 2200 lm 490 lx 100V -110V AC
19W 5700 K 370 g

Comparison of Wiring

Comparison of Power Consumption

Power Consumption Preheat Type Electronic Type LED Type Difference compared with LED
in power consumption
 1 hour 49W 42W 19W -
 1 month 14.7 kWh 12.6 kWh 5.7 kWh 9 kWh / 6.9 kWh
 1 year 176.4 kWh 151. 2 kWh 68.4 kWh 108 kWh / 82.8 kWh

12 hrs. as 1 day , 25 days as 1 month

LED Knowledge

Why constant current power supply required?
The cause of flicker is "ripple"

To ensure reliability by operating the LED within the maximum rated current. In the absence of a constant current power supply, the LED is driven by a current circuit using a resistor,
If the voltage fluctuates, the current flowing inside LED fluctuate, continued use exceeding the rated current will degrade the LED and reduce the illuminance.
In addition, even if the surge enters the power supply, the surge protection devices inside the power supply prevents from the LED broken. The power supply input which mainly uses AC passes through the rectifiering and the smoothing circuits, but the AC component remains. This is called ripple and causes flickering of LED, which induces fatigue and stress, so the power supply with less ripple is desired.



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